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The original staff that would become NDC Communications LLC did not begin our careers in steel, lines and antennas but in leaf, limb and vegetation management. As Forrest By Design Inc., we were contracted to clear sites for companies who would then contract another company to build communication towers on those cleared sites. Even though building towers had not been the initial vision of the company, it became a natural and new direction for our rugged, detail-oriented, outdoor staff.

At the beginning of the new millennium, we began assembling tower construction, climbing steel, pulling lines and mounting antennas, learning everything we could, matriculating in the industry. Established in 2003, NDC Communications LLC was formed by Nancy Curtin as the principal proprietor and her son, Brian Curtin, as the managing officer providing oversight for the field operations. Under the Curtin’s leadership the company was firmly established and throughout this past decade has become a leader in the tower communications construction industry throughout New England.

With the legal establishing of NDC Communications as a Limited Liability Company, the Curtin’s purchased 165 acres in Etna, ME, and built a 15,000 square foot office/warehouse/shop facility. With our growing resources, we began servicing clients around Maine, down to New York and even as far away as Texas. NDC Communications was quickly becoming a dependable and trustworthy tower contractor for large telcos.

In 2009, as a concentrated amount of work was becoming available in the New York/New Jersey marketplace, NDC opened a co-location in North Plainfield, New Jersey. The offices and warehouses included the addition of a steel fabrication shop (to meet the regional demands of rooftop transmission sites with exterior platforms), stoops and stairwells.

Today, NDC Communications has grown in a corporate direction with a vision for a full-service communications construction company. Each of our divisions—Vegetation-Land Clearing, Civil, Tower, Electric, Fiber, HVAC—operates as a business within a business and each division seeks to establish itself as a leader in its respective field. We are poised to be and, in fact, have already become one of the strongest, most trusted, encompassing companies in tower infrastructures and communications. With our new location in Brewer, Maine we are poised for unlimited growth.

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